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TransPennine Express braces for another strike

Train services on some routes in the north of England will be disrupted again this weekend, as the RMT stages a further Sunday strike of conductors in its continuing dispute with TransPennine Express over rest day and Sunday pay. TPE customer experience director Kathryn O’Brien said it was ‘really disappointing ’, and advised passengers not to try to travel on Sunday. RMT general secretary Mick Lynch had previously said: ‘What our members are demanding would cost TPE less money than the loss of revenue resulting from strike action. RMT remains open to talks about properly rewarding our conductors for the crucial role they play in keeping the trains moving.’

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  • Vernon Barking, Kenneth, Williamstown

    I cannot believe that FirstGroup has been allowed to keep it's contract given the (1.80ish/day) self funding pay claim being turned down by a fool of a finance director who retires in several weeks.

    At a time when the unions are likely to ask for 9-10% rises for drivers and guards, this, '1 coffee a day' rise was practically a gift. The sooner TPE is sacked and split up the better.

    - Cross Pennine routes should be merged with OLR's Northern.
    - Avanti should take the TPE Scottish routes and
    - Abellio EMR should take the Cleethorpes - Manchester route.

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