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TPE passengers warned not to travel on Sunday

Passengers who use TransPennine Express are being asked not to attempt to travel on Sunday, because RMT conductors will be staging another strike in a dispute over pay. RMT general secretary Mick Lynch has vowed to continue industrial action until 'pay discrimination is dealt with'. TPE had said it was 'disappointed' that strikes were being staged, and warned passengers that only a limited service will be possible. Because the trains that do run are expected to be very busy, TPE has imposed a ban on carrying bicycles for the day.

Free travel on Transport for Wales for Ukrainian refugees

The Welsh Government has announced that Transport for Wales services will be free to Ukrainian refugees for the next six months. Ukrainian nationals will be asked to produce their passports when requested to train and station staff. The scheme is an extension of an existing Welsh Government programme which provides free public transport for asylum seekers in Wales. No decision has yet been made about similar concessions for Ukrainians in England and Scotland.

The Rail Delivery Group announced on Friday afternoon that refugees from Ukraine will have free travel on all National Rail services, but only for 48 hours after they arrive in Britain.

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  • Steve Alston, Crewe

    Pennypinching train company FirstGroup again throwing (72.1M) profits into it's bank whilst cutting every corner it can find:

    2006+7 (Ciras Magazine) - Concerns about trains (158s) falling apart
    2008+13 (Manchester Evening News) Short staffing - Removal of GPR staff, stations locked up passengers crossing the main line to access platforms at 7am.
    2009 Attempt to implement self dispatch at Liverpool, blocked.
    2012 Investigation into control boss being paid a bonus for PPM, who instructed traincrews to disregard rulebook to keep train on time. (2 sets failed, crew told split train, board front set and drive off leaving back set alone full of punters whilst spare crew were sent by taxi) - halfway up a hill near Marsden.

    ...and now this.Refusing guards a payment of around 3 per day (2p per scan, approx 150 per day)... less than a latter - which still a pay request far below the inflation rate.