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More South Western strike dates announced

Updated 13.35

The RMT has announced two more 24-hour strikes on South Western Railway. The walkouts are set to take place on 27 and 31 December.

These two strikes will follow the stoppage already announced for 22 December.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: ‘South Western Railway stubbornly refuse to make any progress at all in resolving this dispute, which is about safety, security and access on South Western Railway. The company are hell bent on opening up a loophole that would allow them to run services driver only at their discretion.

‘SWR might think it’s acceptable to play fast and loose with passenger safety, security and access but RMT members, who have stood firm throughout this dispute despite appalling harassment from the company, will not accept a dilution of the safety regime on the railway.

‘There's a simple solution to ‎this dispute and it means SWR stop playing with words and negotiate the guard guarantee that reflects the safety values of the agreements RMT has pinned down in other parts of the rail industry. RMT remains available for genuine and meaningful talks.’

South Western Railway responded: ‘We had already offered to meet the RMT again next week to try and resolve this dispute. By announcing further strike dates, the RMT has shown it has no intention of finding a solution and is only interested in inflicting more misery on passengers as they try to enjoy the festive season. 

‘This action is totally unnecessary. We have guaranteed to roster a guard on every train, and we need more, not fewer guards. Should this action go ahead, we will do everything we can to provide the best service possible for our customers.’