Posted 16th May 2017 | 1 Comment

New Southern talks fail to reach agreement

TALKS between Govia Thameslink Railway and the RMT have broken up without agreement once again.

Both sides met yesterday to discuss the continuing dispute over driver-controlled operation on Southern but there was no agreement, with both sides reported to be now ‘considering their positions’.

It is not clear when talks will be resumed.

GTR said: “We have had further talks today. Both parties have adjourned to consider their respective positions.”

The position of ASLEF is also unclear. The union has tried to reach agreement with GTR twice after holding several strikes, but on both occasions the proposed settlement was rejected by the union’s members.

No further industrial action has been announced by either union.

Meanwhile the RMT also remains in dispute over driver-controlled operation with the managements of Merseyrail and Northern.

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  • james palma, London

    Shrug of shoulders. Is it any surprise? this matter will never be resolved until the plans are pushed through.

    The union members won't stand for any more loss of money either. As i have said before, when Mick Cash loses money when his unions members strike, may be they will be more willing to lose money too. Pointlessly.