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New rail strikes soon, as RMT accuses DfT of ‘shackling’ companies

The RMT has called three more 24-hour strikes on most train operators in England, as the year-long dispute over pay and conditions continues.

The new walkouts are to be staged on 20, 22 and 29 July, and are set to create major disruption once again. The drivers’ union ASLEF has already called an overtime ban from 3 to 8 July.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: ‘This latest phase of action will show the country just how important railway staff are to the running of the rail industry. My team of negotiators and I are available 24/7 for talks with the train operating companies and government ministers. Yet quite incredibly neither party has made any attempt whatsoever to arrange any meetings or put forward a decent offer that can help us reach a negotiated solution.

‘The government continues to shackle the companies and will not allow them to put forward a package that can settle this dispute. Our members have now voted three times to take strike action over the last 12 months – the most of recent of which coincided with having the full details of the substandard offer from the rail operators.

’They voted by 9 to 1 to renew their strike mandate and RMT will continue its industrial campaign until we reach a negotiated settlement on pay, working conditions and job security.’

The Department for Transport said: ‘The RMT leadership’s decision to call strikes targeting two iconic international sporting events, as children and families begin their summer holidays, will disrupt people’s plans across the country. After a year of industrial action, passengers and rail workers alike are growing tired of union bosses playing politics with their lives. It’s high time the union leaders realised that strikes no longer have the impact they once did and are simply driving people away from the railway.

‘This Government has played its part by facilitating fair and reasonable pay offers that would see generous increases for rail workers. Union leaders should do the right thing and give their members a chance to vote on these pay offers.’