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Woman charged over Nottingham station fire

A WOMAN from Nottingham has been charged with arson after fire badly damaged part of Nottingham station just over a year ago.

The blaze, on 12 January, mainly affected the south concourse and roof timbers. A number of areas also suffered from water damage, including the ticket office, station manager’s office, footbridge and a staff messroom.

The fire began at about 06.25 in the ladies’ toilets on 12 January. More than 70 passengers and staff were evacuated, and no injuries were reported.

British Transport Police said the woman who has been charged is 34, and named her as Gemma Peat, of Wilford Crescent, Nottingham. She had been arrested originally soon after the fire, and then released. She was arrested again in Derby on 25 January, accused of committing Arson with Intent or Being Reckless to Endanger Life.

Ms Peat has been remanded in custody to appear before Nottingham magistrates on 26 February.

BTP said detectives had ‘worked continuously’ on the investigation over the past twelve months and conducted ‘extensive enquiries’, which have been supported by investigation specialists from Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue service.

The Edwardian station was restored a few years ago as part of a wider scheme which also involved remodelling the track layout. The cost of the damage has been put at ‘millions’ by Network Rail, which said that some repairs are still continuing. The work should be completed by April.