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RMT to strike on Northern in DCO dispute

THE RMT has called a one day strike on Northern in a DCO dispute with Arriva.

The walkout is set to take place on 28 April, which will also be the first day of a 48-hour strike on Virgin Trains East Coast in a related dispute over train staffing.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “The public, who support RMT’s campaign for a guarantee of a guard on their trains, will be appalled that Arriva Rail North have failed to offer any kind of progress whatsoever in the talks and have instead opted to try and bulldoze through their plans regardless.  It is that flagrant disregard for the safety issues at the heart of the dispute which leaves us with no option but to put on this further day of strike action.”

Arriva has yet to comment.

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  • Graham Collett, York

    Robert Parker has identified the obvious solution - Driver opens the doors and the Guard/ Conductor closes them.

    This is the solution adopted by ScotRail and has been accepted by the unions.

    The situation on Northern is different from Southern. Many unstaffed stations, making on-train ricket issue and checking essential. Rail users need a conductor for safety and security!

  • Neil Parkinson, Manchester

    The solution is simple.

    Kick Corbyn out, make Labour electable.

    End the Tory war on unions .

    End the DfT-led guard removal project.

    Stop the strikes.

  • Robert Parker, Milnthorpe

    Seems to me both sides want their heads banging together.

    The solution is simple. Driver opens the doors and the Guard/ Conductor closes them.