Posted 20th June 2016 | 2 Comments

Paddington derailment repairs may be completed today

SOME local train services to London Paddington are continuing to be disrupted today, almost four days after an empty diesel unit was driven past a red signal and then derailed on catch points, colliding with an overhead gantry on the station throat.

No one was reported injured in the incident on Thursday evening, but services were seriously disrupted by a partial closure of the station which continued for three days.

Most GWR services are back to normal today (Monday), except that Greenford line trains are only running between there and West Ealing.

The train was moved on Saturday, but platforms one to five remained closed for most of the weekend while engineers removed the badly damaged overhead line mast.

New pictures show that the low-speed collision was particularly destructive, damaging the train as well as the gantry, and that the leading vehicle was completely derailed.

Engineers are now replacing the damaged overhead equipment, and it is hoped the work will be completed today.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch has launched an inquiry.

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  • Neil Palmer, Waterloo

    Lets hope this doesn't lead to Network Rail specifying 25 metre pile depths and OHLE masts than can withstand a collision with a 747 for the rest of the GWR electrification. After all what's another billion or two.
    OR maybe they could simply make sure catch points aren't located where they will direct a train into OHLE masts..

  • David Ryder, Camberley

    This will not be the only time the Rail Accident Investigation Branch will need to initiate a study into a horrendous occurrence if that "godforsaken" DOO was to run on all franchises and a tragedy befall, an inquiry would get launched. ;)