Posted 17th June 2016 | 1 Comment

Paddington disruption continues after derailment

TRAINS to and from London Paddington have continued to be disrupted today, after a derailment involving an empty train on the station throat last night. The train was damaged, it is reported, in a collision with an overhead equipment mast. Although services restarted this morning, GWR has apologised for the continuing disruption.

Reports suggest that the train passed a red signal and was then derailed on catch points at low speed. No one was hurt.

The damaged diesel unit was stlll at the scene on Friday afternoon, covered with a tarpaulin, and two running lines remained closed.

Great Western said repairs were being continued by Network Rail.

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  • David Ryder, Camberley

    Once Network Rail are done with their repairs, you won't be able to tell that this incident transpired. The infrastructure manager of Britain's railways do a superb job to return damaged tracks, signals etc. to working order after an unspeakable event, and for an organisation owned by HM Government, that's something not commonly said.