Posted 6th April 2016 | 1 Comment

West Coast overhead line damage probe continues

REPAIRS to a 100m stretch of damaged overhead line near Birmingham International were completed at 22.30 last night, Network Rail says.

The damage disrupted services on the West Coast Main Line south of Birmingham yesterday, after the incident had occurred around 06.30. Many Virgin and London Midland trains had to be diverted or cancelled, and long queues of passengers were reported at stations such as Coventry.

Passengers were also allowed to use alternative services on Chiltern Railways and East Midlands Trains.

Train services on the West Coast route returned to normal this morning, but the cause of the damage is still unclear.

Network Rail said its investigations are continuing.

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  • Chris Green, Huddersfield

    I don't think even Sherlock Holmes would have been able to solve this case. If it wasn't damaged through a weather event as the weather has been calm recently, what could have caused it? If the overhead line equipment had sustained problems, you would think Network Rail would have spotted that without an investigation.