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Wednesday briefing: Alstom Derby runs out of work

Alstom Derby produces last train
The threatened Alstom train building works in Derby is set to complete its last train tomorrow, and managing director Nick Crossfield has warned that little progress has been made during talks with government ministers about the future of the plant. However, rail minister Huw Merriman published a list of four potential rolling stock contracts last month, one of which could be awarded in December.

Avanti performance

A meeting of the Transport for the North Board in Leeds today is expected to approve a Strategic Transport Plan for the north of England which could boost region’s economy by £118 billion by 2050. As well as longer term plans, the meeting will discuss ‘more immediate’ priorities, including the performance of Avanti West Coast and how it could be improved. Members will also consider the implications of the draft Rail Reform Bill, which was published a month ago.

New station, new tram lines
Transport for Greater Manchester has submitted a business case for a new station at Golborne in the borough of Wigan to the Government, which would need an investment of £31.8 million. Proposals have also been unveiled to extend the Metrolink tram network to Stockport, Middleton, Heywood, Bolton and the Atom Valley regeneration zone. Mayor Andy Burnham said a decision could be made this summer, and that work is under way on preparing a ‘watertight’ business case.

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  • hugo, Newbury

    I would like to say that I emailed department of transport , and I would like to post my reply to this is that okay?
    [Every item of correspondence is considered on its merits. Everything is welcome.--Ed.]

  • Tim, Stafford

    I somehow doubt that Alstom will keep employing the workforce until next year without having current work for them and once a skilled workforce has moved on it is almost impossible to get them back.

  • Chris Jones-Bridger, Buckley Flintshire

    Well that's good news for the employees of Alstom at Derby that a contract may be ready to be signed in December. A couple of points. Until an order is confirmed there remains an empty assembly plant and if awarded by competitive tender there is no guarantee that Alstom will be awarded a contract. So the question remains what are Alstom's intentions for their Derby site & the long term prospects of the staff employed there?

  • Chris Jones-Bridger, Buckley Flintshire

    Avanti's performance is certainly a cause for concern especially given that it was awarded an extended contract allegedly having turned the corner on resolving it's resourcing issues. The operator has still not reinstated the full service operated pre covid. This is especially true regarding the Chester/North Wales service group & even this reduced service continued to suffer an unacceptable level of daily cancellations due to resoucing issues. Questions to answer not just by Avanti but also DfT & rail ministers as to why they saw it right to extend the contract.