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New larger Gatwick Airport station opens

The modernised and enlarged station at Gatwick Airport opened to passengers this morning. The first train to call was the 05.48 Thameslink service from Bedford to Brighton.

There has been a Gatwick Airport station since 1935, when the name was given to an existing station at Tinsley Green.

This was replaced by another Gatwick Airport station in 1958. This was also an existing station called Gatwick Racecourse which was rebuilt to serve the airport. In 2019-20 the station was used by more than 21 million passengers, according to the Office of Rail and Road.

Modernisation has added a second concourse, eight new escalators, five new lifts, four new stairways and additional ticket gates. The platforms have been widened and track has been upgraded. The station is within the South Terminal, but the linkspan to the North Terminal has also been improved.

The two concourses have allowed a one-way system to be introduced. Passengers going to the airport terminals will use the new concourse, while the older concourse will be for passengers leaving the airport.

Network Rail Sussex route director Lucy McAuliffe said: ‘I’m delighted to see the upgraded Gatwick Airport station open today, providing the millions of passengers that use the station each year with a fantastic and fit-for-purpose station that supports the ambitions of London Gatwick and the significant growth in passengers expected in the years to come.

‘This has been a highly complex and challenging project and I am proud of how hard our teams have worked in close conjunction with our partners to deliver a station upgrade that makes journeys to the airport much easier for all passengers and encourages people to ditch the car and travel by rail, the cleanest and greenest way to travel.

‘This project is not just for those making their way to the airport, the work benefits passengers right across the route by giving them quicker journeys and a more reliable timetable. I hope passengers enjoy this newly upgraded station.’

Govia Thameslink Railway customer services director Jenny Saunders added: ‘Our trains sustainably speed people to the airport in just half an hour from London - and that's much better for the environment than driving.

‘However, the station has been struggling with the numbers using it and that holds up our trains, delaying everyone.

’This stunning redevelopment has fixed all that. I genuinely believe our customers are going to love the extra space and improved accessibility that will make the journey between train and plane quicker, easier and more attractive.’                                                                                                                                                   

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  • Neil Palmer, Waterloo

    "The station is within the North Terminal".
    No it isn't, it's in the South Terminal.

  • Steve, UK

    Spoiled by signs saying Gatwick Train Station, the first time I've seen that in the UK. The middle word is of course, unnecessary.