Posted 3rd May 2022 | 2 Comments

More mail on rail again?

Royal Mail is set to make more use of trains to carry post in Britain, it is reported. The Daily Telegraph says Royal Mail chief executive Simon Thompson wants to ‘at least treble’ the volumes carried. Most mail trains were withdrawn earlier this century in favour of large lorries and planes and briefly scrapped altogether. A residual service was restored in late 2004, and three trains a day still run between London, Warrington and Shieldmuir, south of Glasgow. Talks are said to be in progress between Royal Mail and Network Rail to agree paths and timings for more postal trains, but Royal Mail has so far declined to comment.

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  • Colin Redman, Rugby, Warks

    Royal Mail is building a very large rail-connected parcels hub at DIRFT 3, Daventry near Rugby.

    This terminal has several sidings, apparently a traverser too, and will connected to the WCML Northampton loop. As only the DIRFT reception roads are electrified, this facility will need the use of bi-mode trains, which is what I understand the Class 319 Orion Logistics conversions will be used for. That or a shunter!

    You can see the extent of the facility on satellite views

  • Greg T, London

    The withdrawal of Mail-on-rail services was down to the then (briefly) head of the P.O. who had road haulage interests - he was "vanished" shortly thereafter.
    Maybe some corrections can be applied, though it's too late for the London PO railway ...