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Scottish electrification project gets green light

Scottish electrification project gets green light

Plans for more electrification in Strathclyde have been given the go-ahead by Transport Scotland. Construction of the £63 million Barrhead corridor, which passes through East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire, is now set to begin in April, and due to be completed by December 2023. The line will carry passenger and freight trains, and will also form a diversionary route for cross-border services. In addition, the East Kilbride corridor has recently been given approval for single track electrification, but Transport Scotland said 'further development work is required to support this'. Transport Scotland said the East Kilbride scheme was being 'taken forward in the face of the significant financial challenges, and in light of uncertain future demand'. Although the East Kilbride line is double as far as Busby, it added that electrifying only a single track will release funds for other decarbonisation projects such as Borders electrification. Transport minister Graeme Dey said: 'I’m pleased that work on the full electrification of the Glasgow to Barrhead railway line is expected to start early next year as this will make a significant difference to passenger and freight services in the future. Delivery of the East Kilbride and Barrhead Electrification Project will not only ensure the decarbonisation of two critical corridors on this strategic network but will allow efficiencies to be achieved and disruption minimised for passengers during this period. It will also help towards the delivery of our Rail Decarbonisation Action Plan which will see removal of all diesel on passenger services by 2035 through the deployment of existing rolling stock.'

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  • Caitlin, Stirling

    Hello, my name is Caitlin and I am a journalism student at the university of Stirling. I am doing an article con the new train electrification scheme and was wondering if you could answer a few questions on it,
    1. Do you believe the electrification scheme is beneficial to the Scottish public and if so in what ways?
    2. Are there any complications or disadvantages to this scheme?
    3. What are your overall thoughts on the scheme?
    Thank you Very much, Caitlin Graham.
    [You have not provided a full email address to which I can reply.--Ed.]

  • H. Gillies-Smith, South Milford

    Putting Northern Powerhouse Rail to shame?