Posted 19th August 2021 | 2 Comments

Eurostar boosts timetable as passengers return

EUROSTAR has started to restore its timetable, which was reduced to a skeleton service as a result of the Covid-related travel restrictions.

There was concern that the operator would not survive, but it reached an agreement with its shareholders and the banks in May.

The company says it is running an extra 39 trains during August, because bookings have doubled. The busiest days will be the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend, between 27 and 30 August, when Paris is proving to be the most popular destination. Around four out of five bookings so far have been for leisure travel.

September will see further increases in the number of trains between London and the continent. Starting on 6 September there will be eight daily return services. Five of these will on the London-Paris route, and three between London and Brussels, with one of the Brussels services extended to or from Amsterdam.

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  • Michael, Reading

    The service should be clock face xx00 and xx30 London to Paris from 0600 until 0000 then hourly through the night...
    The service should be clock face xx15 and xx45 London to Brussels/AMS/Frankfurt from 0600 to 0000 then hourly through the night...
    Speed could easily be increased to make the London to Paris under TWO Hours! They are 320kph but only operate at 300kph!
    A turn up and go clock faced service pattern, dependable, reliable... every day would enable a reduction in fares with an increase in revenue due to greatly increased passenger traffic.
    £25 each way - £50 return for standard and £50 each way - £100 return for premiere/business class. The trains would be full!

  • Steve Alston, Crewe

    Should not be demand responsive.

    Should make the response first to encourage the demand, with hourly services to Paris and two hourly to Brux and Ams, running 6am to 9pm at night.