Posted 10th August 2021 | 1 Comment

Derailed Fratton train is removed

INVESTIGATIONS are continuing into how a South Western Railway unit became derailed during a shunting move at Fratton depot in Hampshire, trapping other trains in their sidings. No one was hurt.

The incident happened at about 01.30 on Friday morning, and caused some disruption to services between London Waterloo and Portsmouth Harbour.

The unit itself has now been removed and the depot is back to normal, except that two sidings remain out of use.

SWR said most of the damage caused by the derailment had now been repaired, and apologised to passengers on the 'Pompey' line if their train had been delayed or cancelled.

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  • Steve, Dorset

    Of course it was removed, hoiw is that 'news'? Just normal recovery work.