Posted 17th May 2021 | No Comments

RMT calls for zero tolerance of Covid breaches as lockdowns ease

LOCKDOWNS are being eased again from today, but the RMT says although it supports increases in public transport services it is also calling for ’zero tolerance’ of any breach of transport Covid safety measures or abuse of staff.

Many operators are boosting their service levels in response to fewer restrictions, although there is still disruption on GWR intercity routes because of the Intercity Express cracking problems which were unveiled just over a week ago.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: ‘The government and transport authorities must be clear to the travelling public about the importance of observing public transport Covid regulations – passengers need to be told they must comply with measures such as face masks to protect passengers and workers and to prevent the virus spreading.

‘There should be zero tolerance of any breach of transport Covid safety rules or abuse of transport staff who have been key workers heroes throughout the pandemic. Transport workers have the right to go to work and not be assaulted.

‘Transport employers must do all they can to ensure compliance and the responsibility for enforcement of these rules should not fall on rail staff.’