Posted 4th January 2021 | 2 Comments

Test trains run on Underground extension

THE first test trains ran on the Northern Line extension of London Underground over Christmas, and the successful trips through 3.2km of tunnels from the new step-plate junction at Kennington to Nine Elms and Battersea were described as a ‘major milestone’.

The trains were able to reverse at Battersea Power Station, as they will in service, using a new crossover junction.

The new route is the first addition to the London Underground network since the Jubilee Line extension opened in 1999, and other achievements over the past year have included energising the conductor rails and commissioning the latest version of signalling software, while fitting-out has continued at the two new stations.

The line is scheduled to open this autumn. Deputy mayor for transport Heidi Alexander said: ‘Last year was one of the hardest in TfL’s history so it’s great to start 2021 on a positive footing, not least because the extension will support thousands of new jobs and homes for our city.’

Reader Comments:

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  • Andrew Gwilt, Benfleet Essex

    Good to see that tube train testing will take place before the extension is completed and the Northern Line can operate to Battersea Power Station from Kennington and from Edgware and High Barnet via Charing Cross.

  • Michael Turberville, Reading, UK

    The NLE is planned to eventually terminate at Clapham Junction station. It was not built to CJS because the over crowding would make it impossible anyone to get on a tube train on the extension.
    The TBM could have built the tunnels to CJS... with fit out to be done after xrail2. It would have used existing TBM, staff, etc and would have made the next extension from Battersea to CJS... far less of an inconvenience - when it is eventually fitted out.
    Yet another failure of joined up thinking as well as Future Proofing.
    [TfL's view is: 'The current proposal is to extend the Northern line as far as Battersea only, but designed in such a way that would allow for a possible further extension in the future. There is currently no proposal to extend beyond Battersea and any proposal to do so would be subject to a separate assessment.'--Ed.]