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Strikes suspended on West Midlands Trains

Updated 18.50

SATURDAY’S strike on West Midlands Trains has been suspended by the RMT, after the union received a new offer.

However, West Midlands Trains has warned that it is too late to restore a normal service, and that a limited timetable will still apply this Saturday.

The dispute, which was to have triggered walkouts on every Saturday in December, was about the future responsibilities of guards, but a referendum of RMT members on WMT will now be carried out, to see if they wish to accept the revised deal.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: ‘Due to the receipt of an improved offer on the future role of the guard on West Midlands Trains all action, including this Saturday, has been suspended and we will be holding a referendum vote with a recommendation to accept the deal.

‘I want to pay tribute to the RMT members whose resilience and solidarity has got us to the point where we can suspend action with those same members having the final say.’

West Midlands Trains said: ‘Both sides have worked hard on our shared vision to keep a conductor on every passenger train with safety critical duties.’

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  • Jez Milton, Manchester

    Ok, but what is the concession made to RMT? Please *not* the ludicrous Scotrail/Edinburgh fudge, where drivers open doors, and 'guards' close them?! At the very least, if this is the settlement, door buttons in the rear cab should be deactivated to force shy guards out amongst the passengers who pay their wages.

    Also the view of the train pre-despatch is better from midway along than the rear cab.