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CAF wins order for new DLR trains

CAF has won a Transport for London contract to supply 43 trains for Docklands Light Railway.

The contract will include a Fleet Support Agreement, which will guarantee technical support and spares. The new five-car trains are due to enter service in 2023, replacing the 33 oldest examples in the present fleet.

Although consisting of five cars, the new trains will be the same length as the present three-car sets. Their interior design features air conditioning and charging points, as well as ‘multi-use’ areas for pushchairs, bicycles and luggage. There will also be dedicated wheelchair spaces.

CAF UK director Richard Garner said: ‘CAF's Metro vehicle design is ideally placed to meet the specific demands of this unique operation, not only increasing passenger capacity, but delivering the very latest in comfort, convenience and safety for passengers. These trains will support the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy to make London a greener, more accessible place to live, work and visit as well as supporting new jobs and homes.’

TfL director of rail and sponsored services Jon Fox added: ‘Replacing the oldest trains on the DLR and introducing a new modern fleet will ensure the railway continues to support the current and future growth in the Docklands area.  With walk-through carriages, real time travel information, air conditioning and mobile device charging points, the new trains will provide customers with a more comfortable and reliable service, replacing rolling stock that are nearly 30 years old and coming to the end of their operational life.’

The value of the contract has not been stated, but the award has come later than expected, because it had been due in the autumn of last year.

CAF had faced three competing bidders. They were Alstom, Bombardier and a consortium of Siemens, Stadler Bussang and Stadler Rail Valencia.

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  • Andrew Gwilt, Benfleet Essex

    Amazing news to here. The current DLR stocks are at least 30 years old and do need replace in some stage. These new vehicles will have air-conditioning and is to be built as 5 carriages. But will it be able to fit perfectly at stations that do have platforms extended to accommodate longer trains (2x 5-Car units) (10-Car). As 2x 3-car and 3x 2-Car DLR units can stop at stations on the DLR that have had the platforms extended.

  • Neil Palmer, Waterloo

    Hmm, wonder if the old trains would fit through Ryde tunnel on the IOW.

  • N Davidson, Lancaster

    Will these new DLR trains by built at CAF's new factory in Wales or will we be shipping them in from Spain?

    Also, the current DLR trains still seem in good condition so I hope TFL will find something useful to do with them rather than just scrap them (not sure what they could usefully do though)

  • Martin , London

    Perhaps you are unaware of the Bombardier debacle, 14 months for the 710s to enter service? CAF also has a factory in Newport......just saying.
    [Railnews is well aware of the Bombardier delays and has of course reported them. CAF has said nothing about where the DLR trains will be built, although you are naturally free to speculate.--Editor.]

  • jak jaye, surrey

    More foreign built rubbish,doesnt TFL know we have train making factories here or are they getting too many back handers?still what do you expect from a Mayor who is more bothered about visiting US Presidents then knife crime etc!
    still good to see the new stock will be wi-fi friendly and have loads of pram space,whatever happened to getting on a train to go somewhere!