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New talks arranged in Northern dispute

Updated 09.30 (Northern)
Updated 11.00 (RMT)

NEW peace talks have been arranged in the Northern DOO dispute.

The news comes on the eve of yet another Saturday walkout by the RMT, and that strike is going ahead, the union said.

Unless progress is made in the talks, which will be held next week, further strikes have been planned for 22 and 29 September. If they also take place, they would complete a series of six since late August.

A spokesman for the conciliation service Acas said: ‘Acas is maintaining a dialogue with Northern Rail and RMT and the parties have accepted an invitation to attend conciliation talks next Wednesday 19 September.’

Northern said it had 'nothing to add' to the Acas statement, while the RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: ‘The Northern Rail action goes ahead as planned tomorrow as at this stage the company have offered us nothing of substance that would allow our Executive to consider suspension.
‘RMT will be taking part in talks through ACAS but we have been through this process on numerous occasions now and we need something concrete from the company around the fundamental issue of the guard guarantee to allow us to make some serious progress. The issue at the heart of the dispute remains the same – a safe, accessible and secure railway.’

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  • MikeB, Liverpool

    Following the agreement with Mereeyrail, the RMT will undoubtedly be looking for a similar settlement with Northern. I only hope that a fair compromise can be reached that will satisfy both parties and give passengers the service they badly need.

  • Philip Russell , Carlisle

    The RMTs tactics in this dispute seem to amount to; repeating the same spiels continually, alongside negotiating round in circles whilst causing as much disruption as possible, whilst hoping almost everyone will instead blame northern and /or the government, (who admittedly are a long way from perfect)