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Minister has 'resilience plan' as more ScotRail strikes loom

MEMBERS of the RMT on ScotRail are set to walk out again in the continuing dispute over extensions of DOO north of the border, but the country's transport minister has said there is a 'well developed plan' to keep passengers moving.

Future strikes could coincide with major events, including The Open and T in the Park, and transport minister Humza Yousaf convened a meeting of the government's resilience committee, which discussed the consequences of rail strikes taking place during such events.

Mr Yousaf said: "It is disappointing to see these strikes continue to affect commuters who simply want to go about their everyday lives without any further rail disruption.

"I would once again urge both parties to come together, get back round the table and resolve this dispute.

"This latest round of RMT strikes coincide with some of Scotland's major summer events, most notably T in the Park, The Scottish Open and The Open. However, transport planning for these events is well developed with information available to let people plan their journeys in advance."

The next RMT walkouts are planned for Sunday and Monday.

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  • stuart walker, Arbroath

    Aberdeen commuters are severely affected by the strike on weekdays. The only service arriving in Aberdeen from the south before 10:20 is cross country's service from Dundee. In the evening there are no services southbound between 18:18 and 21:30. Despite this Scotrail have refused to give holders of season tickets any compensation - even if you can't get to or from work because of their reduced timetable. Scotrail are offering one day extension only if no trains run on a route all day and tickets cannot be used on parallel bus services.