Posted 12th January 2016 | 1 Comment

Aslef calls another Welsh strike

A FURTHER strike has been called of Arriva Trains Wales drivers, after peace talks broke down.

Aslef said its members would walk out on 1 February, in the continuing dispute over conditions.

There has already been one strike this year, on 4 January, and there had been hopes that further negotiations would result in agreement over terms and conditions of drivers' employment. A pay deal has already been accepted.

Aslef said: "ASLEF today announced that, in the light of Arriva Trains Wales' failure to offer a satisfactory resolution to the long and ongoing dispute with its drivers, our members will withdraw their labour for 24 hours on Monday 1 February."

Arriva Trains Wales said it 'regretted' the disruption.

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  • Chris Green, Huddersfield

    These strikes are starting to get out of hand now. They don't seem to think of the disruption it causes to passengers as a result.