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New appeal for peace in pensions dispute

EAST MIDLANDS TRAINS has promised to protect pension benefits for employees and called on drivers' union Aslef to work with the company to resolve the dispute, as passengers faced the last of six days of industrial action affecting the EMT network.

EMT said that from July, employees who are members of the final salary pension scheme will be entitled to the same benefits and save £500 a year in contributions following recommendations by independent experts. It said that the scheme trustees have agreed that extra contributions by the company and employees, which were put in place to clear a previous deficit, are no longer required now the scheme is in good health.

Aslef has criticised the changes as 'cheapening' the plan and its benefits, and the RMT has now started a ballot for industrial action in support.

East Midlands Trains said it was working on returning services to normal and called on Aslef to move on and help resolve the dispute. The company also revealed that Aslef and the RMT had already accepted similar pensions arrangements at two other train companies without industrial action.

EMT managing director David Horne said: “It’s good news for our passengers that no further unnecessary strike action has been announced by Aslef. Now is the time to sit down and resolve this issue for the benefit of everyone."

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  • Philip Russell, Carlisle

    its a poor franchise system all round, on one side company bosses have made good profits for a number of years now for very little effort due to the high growth in passanger numbers,whilst on the otherr hand you have to ask does the average worker on strike care weather their train company goes bust ? they know if this happens, like East Coast, the government will step in and run the trains protecting their benefits and conditions anyway so they have carte blance to strike as much as they want whilst the poor passanger is the main looser