Posted 21st March 2024 | 2 Comments

Trains return to Telford, but landslip blockage goes on

Trains have started to serve Telford Central again, after a landslip near Oakengates closed the Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury line on 8 March. Network Rail engineers had discovered that 5,000 tonnes of material had slipped beneath 50 metres of the railway, after persistent heavy rain over the past few months had weakened the structure.

Although the line is still blocked between Wellington and Oakengates, train services were resumed between Birmingham and Shifnal on Monday.

West Midlands Railway said it was not possible then to continue beyond Shifnal to Telford Central, because the track layout imposed ‘operational challenges’. In particular, there is only one crossover, which is midway between Shifnal and Telford at Madeley Junction.

However, WMR said a safe method of working has now been agreed, and Telford Central reopened to rail traffic this morning, with a limited number of trains departing towards Wolverhampton and Birmingham again.

The westbound train service from Telford towards Shrewsbury is still suspended, while Network Rail engineers continue with repairs. Network Rail estimates that the line will stay closed for at least another week, and buses are replacing westbound trains.

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  • Neil Palmer, Waterloo

    Not to mention the fact it apparently took them well over a week to organize something as simple as single line working from Shifnal to Telford Central. Rather sad how common sense/knowledge/willingness to get things done has deteriorated so far on the railways.

  • Richard Hewitt, Stafford

    Once again this operational silliness just highlights that the railway has been rationalised too much.