Posted 16th February 2024 | 1 Comment

RMT suspends strikes on London Overground

A strike called for next week on London Overground has been suspended after Arriva Rail London made an improved pay offer, but the RMT is warning that although the 48-hour stoppage called for Monday and Tuesday has been cancelled its dispute with ARL is not over.

The union had also called a second walkout on 4-5 March, and it is not clear if that could still go ahead unless the union’s members accept the new offer from ARL, which operates London Overground on behalf of Transport for London.

An e-referendum on the new improved offer will begin after the weekend.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: ‘London Overground members working for Arriva Rail London have made progress through their determination to take strike action.

‘The dispute is not over but we have made sufficient progress to suspend the action next week in order for our members to assess the new offer fully in a referendum.’

TfL said: ‘We encourage the RMT to continue engaging with Arriva Rail London to try to resolve this dispute.’

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  • Hugo, Newbury

    I have grown tired of constant striking. If the government, who cannot decide about anything in the rail sector, and any other sector for that matter, why cant they talk.....So my plan for fixing the trains:-
    1. Reduce fairs to stimulate demand in the railway network
    2. Stop striking
    3. Investment plans need to be adhered to.
    4. We need to reduce dependency on the car and lorry
    This means reopenings and better management of current stock.
    Lets be great AGAIN.