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ASLEF calls new strikes on 1 March

ASLEF has announced strikes and an overtime ban at two train operators for what it describes as ‘their persistent failure to comply with existing agreements’.

Drivers will stage 24-hour walkouts at LNER and Northern on 1 March, and also an overtime ban from 29 February to 2 March.

General secretary Mick Whelan said: ‘We are fed up to the back teeth with the bad faith shown, day after day, week after week, and month after month by these two companies.

‘We always stick to agreements which we make. These companies think they can break agreements – which they freely enter into – whenever it suits them. And they're wrong. This is a shot across their bows and a sign of things to come.

‘They need to stop what they are doing, start to behave properly and honourably, because their drivers – our members – are no longer prepared to be treated like this.'

He added: ‘These disputes are entirely separate from our national pay dispute with 16 train operating companies – although LNER and Northern are two of those TOCs – because we haven’t had a pay rise since 2019.’

LNER said: ‘Our priority focus remains on minimising disruption to customers during ASLEF strikes, which sadly will continue to cause disruption and delays. We encourage ASLEF to continue to work with us to find a way to end this long running dispute which only damages the rail industry.’

Northern said it had been working to resolve a local disagreement. Chief operating officer Trcia Williams said: ’We’re surprised and disappointed that strike action has been called over a local disagreement that we have all been working positively to resolve.

‘We encourage ASLEF to work with us to find a solution and avoid further disruption for customers.’