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Underground error takes passengers to disused station

Passengers on a London Underground train were taken to a disused station, because of an error by staff.

A Jubilee Line train should have terminated at Green Park and then continued out of service to Charing Cross along a section which was closed to passenger traffic in 1999 when the Jubilee’s extension to Stratford was opened. This included new tunnels from Green Park to Westminster and then on to Waterloo and Canary Wharf.

But the Green Park to Charing Cross section has been maintained and its conductor rails are still live, because it is used as a reversing siding. Charing Cross Jubilee Line is also one of the stations which Transport for London makes available for film makers, along with Aldwych.

The surprise journey was made on Sunday 30 July, but the details have only become known now.

One passenger told the BBC: ‘Westminster station looked unusual and as the train slowed, I noticed the roundels said Charing Cross.’

The driver apologised, and was able to return the unharmed passengers to Green Park.

TfL said the train had been sent to Charing Cross to even out the service, but some passengers had stayed on the train because of a ‘miscommunication’ at Green Park.

Normally, Charing Cross Jubilee Line is only accessible to visitors on one of the London Transport Museum’s ‘Hidden London’ tours, which costs £44.