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RMT launches fresh Underground strike ballot

Updated 13.55

The RMT union
is holding another strike ballot from today among more than 10,000 of its members on London Underground, as the deadlock over jobs and pensions continues.

The Mayor is under pressure from the government to improve Transport for London’s financial position by £1 billion, and he has already launched a consultation over the possible abolition of Day Travelcards, to improve revenue.

The RMT is opposing plans to cut jobs, with 600 station staff said to be among those affected, while the union says Underground staff could lose more than 30 per cent of their pensions. The RMT also pointed out that TfL has forecast a £75 million surplus this year, while passenger numbers are recovering from their Covid-related slump faster than expected.

The new ballot will run until 23 May, while the current mandate, required by law, runs out in June.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: ‘Our members have taken several days of strike action over this last year and remain as determined as ever to get a just settlement on jobs, pensions and their working conditions.

‘The Mayor is under pressure from central government, but he must join us in resisting them and refuse to allow ideologically motivated financial constraints to be used as an excuse to attack tube workers.

‘TfL has healthy revenue streams and our members are among the thousands of tube staff that make it a successful transport provider.

‘This re-ballot is vital to maintain the pressure on TfL and I urge all our members to vote yes in the postal ballot.’

Transport for London’s chief operating officer Glynn Barton said: ‘We have been notified that the RMT union will be re-balloting their members over the renewal of their mandate for industrial action over jobs, pensions and conditions. This is despite the fact that no proposals have been tabled on pensions following a government-mandated review into the TfL pension scheme. If any proposal is made in the future, this would require appropriate consultation and extensive further work. We urge the RMT to work with us constructively and not threaten London with further industrial action.’