Posted 3rd November 2022 | No Comments

Today’s rail strikes postponed for Poppy Day

Planned 24-hour strikes by 40,000 RMT members at Network Rail and National Rail operators in England which had been called for today have been postponed until 9 November because today is Poppy Day in London. It’s the second time time this year that the RMT has changed industrial action to avoid disrupting an important event. The first was in September, when three strikes were cancelled during the period of Royal Mourning to show respect for the late Queen.

The postponement of action on National Rail today also means there will be no disruption on Transport for London services, which would have been affected. However the London Underground will still be affected by an RMT strike on 10 November, while RMT strikes will be staged at Network Rail on 5 and 7 and 9 November, with train operators in England also involved on the 5th and the 9th. The walkouts of Network Rail staff will also disrupt train services throughout Britain, including some on TfL, because many signallers will be absent.