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Strikes could disrupt railways for almost a week

The forthcoming RMT strikes on 21, 23 and 25 June could disrupt services on the intervening days and also into 26 June, industry sources have warned. The walkouts will affect 13 train operators in England as well as Network Rail. Transport for Wales and ScotRail are not directly affected, but action by Network Rail signallers and other key staff could disrupt train services there as well. The industry is putting together a contingency timetable which will give priority to freight trains carrying essential cargoes like food and fuel, and in any case there will be no evening passenger trains. The RMT has said it continues to be open to ‘meaningful negotiations’.

Bid for rail-served Scottish freeport

A multi-billion pound bid for an ambitious rail, air and sea economic zone on the River Clyde, backed by a public private partnership, is in its final stages before being submitted. Plans for Clyde Green Freeport are being prepared by AGS Airports' Glasgow Airport, Peel Ports' Clydeport, Mossend International Railfreight Park in North Lanarkshire and a partnership of the Glasgow City Region councils. The bid will be submitted later this month to the Scottish and UK governments for one of two green freeports which are being proposed for Scotland.

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  • Ludd Aite, Crewe

    Don't believe all the Daily Mail tells you.

    Negotiations between DfT and the unions have been going on for three years. Ultimately it's not the greedy tocs who pay staff wages - they just put their hand into the can and try and steal as much for their 500 non-job bosses and shareholders as they can - the nature of the beast.

    No, the real elephant in the room is Shapps and the DfT rail execs, hell bent on a scrap with the rail unions.

    I do hope those most hurt by strike this are those lifelong Tory voters who in 1992 voted Major in who privatised the railway and everything else costing the taxpayer ten times as much... and now
    I hope they above all can't afford to heat their big houses or fill their smelly Chelsea tractor outside.

    Rather be a luddite with an NHS & transport network than a Tory.

    (*I don't even know what a luddite is, someone on here keeps cut pasting the same comment reply every time the RMT is mentioned)

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