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Revised plans unveiled for HS2 Euston

HS2 Ltd has unveiled revised plans for London's HS2 station at Euston. They have been drawn up by a design consortium of Arup, WSP and Grimshaw Architects, working with HS2’s Station Construction Partner, Mace Dragados. The designs, which have been updated from 2015, are based on a 'less complex, more efficient, ten-platform station', said HS2, and it can now be built in a single stage.

The station will be on three levels and will have ten 450m subsurface platforms, which will be able to handle up to 17 trains an hour. The ground-level concourse will be 300m long and open on to new public spaces at the north and south. The station hall will be 20 per cent larger than Trafalgar Square, making it the largest station concourse in Britain. It will be built between Coburg Street to the west and the existing Euston station.

HS2 minister Andrew Stephenson said: 'The arrival of HS2 at Euston provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an iconic destination in the area, that will help us build back better by growing not just the economy of London but that of the UK.'

Major upgrade to Derby depot begins

Work has begun to rebuild East Midlands Railway’s Etches Park depot in Derby in preparation for the arrival of the new bi-mode Aurora trains. The £35 million pound project is being largely funded by rolling stock company RockRail and will be carried out in two phases. The site will be upgraded for the Aurora fleet and then new train cleaning areas, replacement offices and staff accommodation will be added at the South Shed.

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  • strawbrick, Watford

    17 arrivals and 17 departures an hour means a train crossing the station throat every 1.7 minutes.
    Can we please see the track layout and the train graph showing how this is to achieved?

  • Neil Palmer, Waterloo

    I was going to comment on the typical government shortsightedness (how long will it before those 10 platforms are insufficient, and how much more will it cost to add platforms later as opposed to now) but it appears I've been beaten to the recommended daily sarcasm dosage already. ;-)

  • Michael T., Reading

    Brilliant planning for Future Proofing the Infrastructure at Euston!! WOW so very impressed how for first time the UK govt is thinking of usage demand in 20 to 30 years in future instead of building to the usage demands of 30 to 50 years in the Past!