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Train and station cleaners to strike

Train and station cleaners to strike

Hundreds of cleaners employed by Churchill Group on four railway contracts in south east England are set to strike on 23 February. Their union the RMT has declared a dispute over pay. The companies affected are Govia Thameslink Railway, Southeastern, Eurostar and HS1. The cleaners are planning a rally outside the Houses of Parliament at 11.00 on the strike day.

Consultation launched over West Midlands transport plan

An eight-week consultation has started over the draft West Midlands Local Transport Plan. The plan is intended to meet the challenges of climate change, reducing traffic congestion and improving access to transport, while supporting the post-Covid economic recovery. The plan also takes into account changes in travel patterns seen during the pandemic, such as increases in cycling and walking, along with fewer people commuting five days a week.

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  • Steve Alston, Crewe

    Good luck to the cleaners, they have worked so hard throughout the pandemic and deserve far more than they are paid by greedy cowboy contract companies - companies which are a legacy of the greed which came about at privatisation - a direct result of selfish Thatcher voters in the 1980s - just look at your energy bill to see what that vote costs you.

  • James Miller, Hackney

    When did we see a report on this web site, that mentions RMT, but doesn't contain the word strike?

    [The most recent was on 28 January this year. -- Ed.]