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More strikes called on East Midlands Railway

More strikes called on East Midlands Railway

(updated 09.02)

The RMT has called on its East Midlands Railway train manager and senior conductor members to strike again for 48 hours in two separate disputes, after negotiations failed. One of the disputes concerns train managers on board Class 360 trains running between London and Corby, and the other is over pay, conditions and contracts for senior conductors. The new walkouts. affecting both groups, are set to go ahead on 3 and 4 December. RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said the union had 'no choice'. He continued: 'It is astonishing that after weeks of negotiations, during which in good faith we suspended industrial action and believed progress was being made, the company has failed to make offers in writing to bring these disputes to a close.'

East Midlands Railway said: 'We are disappointed and surprised by this latest threat of strike action. As we indicated to RMT representatives on Friday, we are preparing to put our new offer in writing to its National Executive on November 26. This would be our fourth offer in a 2-year period in an attempt to resolve the dispute. Threats of such action are particularly unhelpful at a time when talks were reaching a critical stage. They are designed to cause disruption to customers returning to rail travel and will undoubtedly impact businesses who are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic. We have noted that the strike dates have been specifically selected to disrupt the Lincoln Christmas market and we will be working on contingency plans to try and protect key services over the weekend of 3 and 4 December.'

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  • Steve van Alston, Nijnmegen

    If the other companies managed to settle this kind of dispute in 30 minutes, perhaps government need to start looking at the root cause of the problem at EMR.... the inherited ex- Central & Stagecoach managers who have caused strike after strike over the years - judging their own success by how much they fight the union.

    Northern and others settled this 'front set' dispute by meeting the union in the middle by providing not a guard but a 'ticket person' in other portions of the train, a person on £21K, cruciailly - trained in evacuation AND whose salary is entirely self funding by the amount of fare evaders they will stop.

    Why this didn't happen here is solely the result of belligerent mangers who Abellio had the opportunity to throw out but didn't. They, as a business should now be facing sanctions for allowing this dispute to continue.

    Abellio should be booting the managers and directors and managing director responsible out, as they did at a certain neighbouring franchise when a dispute started there - it's bringing the Abellio business, and NS the parent company into disrepute.

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