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RMT and ScotRail start new talks over long-running pay dispute

RMT and ScotRail start new talks over long-running pay dispute

The RMT is in new talks with ScotRail today over the long-running pay dispute which has seen weekly strikes every Sunday since March. However, the union has warned that it will have no hesitation in taking action during COP26 to secure a pay agreement for ScotRail staff 'if that's what it takes'. Last night RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: 'Scotland's main rail union will be attending pay talks tomorrow and we expect serious movement over the attempt to impose a de facto pay cut on rail workers who have kept Scotland moving during the pandemic. It's RMT members who have been out the gate for over six months fighting for pay justice and equality and we will take no lectures from anyone and will have no hesitation in jacking up a fresh phase of action in this latest dispute. It's time for the politicians in Scotland who hold the purse strings and have control of the transport system to instruct their contractors to deliver a fair pay deal for their workforce.'

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  • Neil Palmer, Waterloo

    Isn't there a word for this sort of "negotiation"?
    Oh yeah, blackmail.