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London Underground to get full mobile coverage

PLANS have been announced to install a 4G network in all London Underground stations and tunnels by 2024.

Speaking this morning, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: ‘Protecting jobs and stimulating our city’s economy is a top priority for me as London rebuilds after this pandemic, and investing in London’s connectivity and digital infrastructure is central to this.’

A 20-year concession has been awarded to BAI Communications, and the result will be full mobile service throughout the system by 2024.

Uninterrupted 4G mobile coverage has already been introduced on the eastern half of the Jubilee line and will now be expanded in phases to ticket halls, platforms and tunnels on all lines.

The new system will bring benefits above ground as well, because it can be connected to buildings and TfL surface equipment such as bus stops and street lights.

Contractor BAI has already carried out similar upgrades in foreign cities like New York, Toronto and Hong Kong, and the company said the London network would be the most advanced of its kind in the world. It will also be ready for further upgrades to 5G.

The work will include 2000km of cable, and work has already started in some places. This will now be extended to more stations, including Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Bank, Euston and Camden Town, and these are set to be the first to live by the end of next year.

TfL chief technology officer Shashi Verma said: London Underground was born in the 19th century, and this concession ensures it continues to adapt for customers in the 21st century.’

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  • Michael Turberville, Reading

    hmmm LUL to have 4G by 2024.
    China will have 6G in every Chinese Metro by 2023.
    Why?? is LUL paying to have out of date technology installed across the network? Especially when it will be very out of date by the 'announced' completion date. Everyone is well aware of how any/all infrastructure projects in UK always are the announced date Plus ten to twenty to thirty years.