Posted 15th January 2021 | 4 Comments

Stadler signs contract for tri-mode locomotives

Updated 11.05

A FRAMEWORK agreement to build 30 tri-mode locomotives has been signed by Stadler and Rail Operations (UK) Ltd. 

The new mixed-traffic Bo-Bo machines will be based on Stadler’s established Class 68 and Class 88 fleets, but will be able to operate on 25kV or a CATERPILLAR C32 diesel engine.

The diesels have a nominal power of 900 kW and meet EU 97/68 Stage V emission requirements. Each will be backed up by two Lithium Titanate Oxide traction battery packs, which will provide an additional 400kW. The batteries will also be usable on their own for ‘last mile’ shunting moves.

The fleet will be designed and built in Spain, and the first 10 Class 93s are due to be delivered in early 2023.

The value of the contract is not being disclosed.

Rail Operations CEO Karl Watts said: ‘The rail industry has acted very positively in understanding its role in reducing carbon emissions and improving inner city air quality. The class 93 fleet with its array of green credentials, will allow us to lead the way in supporting the rail industry deliver its decarbonisation targets. Furthermore, with its impressive state-of-the-art specification, the Class 93 also allows us to develop new markets and modernise many aspects of UK train operations.’

Reader Comments:

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  • John Gilbert, Cradley

    This order is both excellent and very promising for the future. But - there is always a 'but' isn't there - when will we see our politicians giving the Go Ahead to more electrification in England. And, despite the 'last mile' capability of these new engines - and the 88s - THAT DOES INCLUDE the wires into major Cargo centres such as Thames Gateway and Felixstowe!! When are the politicians going to stop sitting on their hands? Is the answer, 'Never??'

  • Andrew Gwilt, Benfleet Essex

    First ever Tri-mode locomotives to be operating on the railways in the UK. I think it should be amazing to see them in service in few years. I also like the dark green livery.

  • Neil Palmer, Waterloo

    Yes, all good for the environment, etc. The only downside being another 30 locos not Built in Britain.

  • Pete , Birmingham

    Just what is needed to help deliver Net Zero Carbon, minimise air pollution and bring railfreight into the 21st Century.
    Credit to Karl and his team for this innovative approach.
    Great design, the best post-privatisation and fabulous livery. No gaudy, childlike colour scheme, no yellow front-end and practical (dark) base.
    Let's hope that other FOCs order this impressive loco.