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Serious disruption at Sheffield after freight derailment

A FREIGHT train has become derailed at Sheffield station.

Points and signalling have been ‘significantly’ damaged by the overnight incident, said Network Rail, which is warning that five of the station’s eight platforms are blocked.

Many trains are being cancelled or delayed, although there are no reports of any injuries.

Network Rail workers have been at the site overnight and inspectors from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch will have to examine the scene before the train of tankers can be removed.

This incident is affecting CrossCountry, East Midlands Railway, Northern and TransPennine Express.

Matt Rice, who is Network Rail North and East route director, said: ‘We’re really sorry about the huge amount of disruption that will be caused to passengers today.

‘Thankfully, train derailments are very rare, but when they do happen we have to act with utmost caution to protect the safety of everyone using the railway.

‘We will have our people working around the clock to get the station fully reopened as quickly as possible, but it’s going to be a complex problem that won’t be resolved immediately.’

The derailment happened at about 02.45, when the train, which was carrying cement, became derailed while it was passing through platform one at slow speed. Even so, a number of wagons were affected. It is not yet known why it happened.

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  • Andrew Gwilt, Benfleet Essex

    Any ideas why the freight train derailed. Was it due to points failure or driver error. Or was it due to too much load that could of derailed the train. Might sound rubbish on what I said. But the point is.

    How comes did that the train managed to derail itself?!
    [Wait for the RAIB to produce its report.--Ed']