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RMT’s Mick Cash to retire, blaming ‘harassment’

THE general secretary of Britain’s largest rail union is stepping down.

Mick Cash announced his decision after the RMT’s Annual General Meeting, saying that certain groups had ‘seized every opportunity to undermine and frustrate my efforts’.

Mr Cash had been on extended sick leave after suffering stress, and had only returned to work recently. Reports claim that there had been several clashes between Mr Cash and the union’s National Executive in recent times.

After yesterday’s AGM he said: ‘It has been an absolute honour to be elected twice as RMT general secretary and I want to thank the rank and file membership of the union for their continuing loyalty and support.

‘Unfortunately factional groupings within the union have seized every opportunity to undermine and frustrate my efforts to keep the organisation focused on delivering for our members regardless of the consequences.

‘That campaign of harassment has come to a head at this AGM to the point that my authority has been systematically destroyed ‎to such an extent that I can no longer deliver the RMT rule book functions of the general secretary and have no option but to announce my retirement.’

Mr Cash has been general secretary of the RMT for six years, having been elected in September 2014 after the death of Bob Crow.

The RMT has yet to make a formal statement.

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  • david barry, wallasey

    I'm not a rail employee and politically I don't like Mr Cash. However he has performed his work well, seemingly, and rail employees have benefitted hugely in terms of pay from his efforts so it will be interesting to see the direction in which that union is now heading.