Posted 10th September 2020 | 2 Comments

Grand Central abandons Blackpool plans

OPEN access operator Grand Central has scrapped its plan to run services between London and Blackpool.

In a statement, the company said: ‘Following months of exploring all options to launch the proposed expansion of services to the North West route as planned, it is not now viable due to the economic uncertainty and changed travel patterns caused by Covid-19.’

The statement continued: ‘Employees who may be affected by the decision have been advised of the potential risk to jobs, and suppliers and stakeholders are being briefed.’

Grand Central managing director Richard McClean said: ‘So much effort has been put into these exciting plans to launch services between London and Blackpool, that it is heart-breaking to have to abandon them at this point but the pandemic and its effect on our expansion plans have just proved too big an obstacle.’

Reader Comments:

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  • Alice Hickie, Blackpool

    Grand Central are crying crocodile tears pretending there is no option. If they did this in London it would be spread all over the papers. The government should step in, or the MP. Blackpool has a huge influx of visitors and to travel to it without a car, means changing trains, we need a direct line which we once had and was robbed of it by Virgin.
    A big Holiday resort such as Blackpool should be easily accessible, a lot of Money gas been spent electrifying the lines. This is an outrage, blaming a virus is just an excuse. Sack them and start again.

  • Andrew Gwilt, Benfleet Essex

    Real shame that Grand Central has axed it along with the Class 90 Mk4s that have been refurbished. Will Grand Central allow it to restart it from next year.