Posted 20th July 2020 | 1 Comment

Three-day season tickets are being discussed

GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY has confirmed reports that more flexible season tickets are being considered.

A spokesman told Railnews that outline plans have been sent to the Rail Delivery Group for wider discussions within the industry, so that they can then be submitted to the Department for Transport, which is currently controlling all franchises under Emergency Measures Agreements associated with this spring’s pandemic.

Among the options are three-days’-travel-in-seven seasons, along with others which would be valid for a month and allow twelve days of travel during that period.

The mechanisms which might be used are not yet clear. ‘There is a lot to be worked out,’ the spokesman added.

The industry has been repeatedly urged to allow flexible seasons to match the needs of commuters who work part time. Some experiments involving smartcards were carried out on the former South West Trains franchise several years ago, but the results appear to have been inconclusive.

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  • Michael, Reading, Berks, EU

    I would be LOGICAL to sell: 50, 100, 150, 200, etc..(as well as standard any day every day travel) days of travel tickets.
    There are weeks when I do not travel, travel once or thrice, or travel every day of the week.
    A person could purchase 100 journeys. They could be used every day or spread over many Years.
    If we are going to be 'serious' about reversing climate change, we should have all journeys from central tax coffers. Estonia has proven it is Highly Effective.
    Add to this an ongoing rolling Electrification programme until every metre of track has OHLE. Call it a five... wait this is England/UK, fifty year plan.