Posted 30th June 2020 | 3 Comments

Prime Minister announces £10m for Manchester railways

THE Prime Minister has announced that Network Rail is to start the next stage of work to ‘unblock Manchester’s railways’ after being given £10 million in design and development funding. The work will examine options to solve capacity and reliability problems. The DfT said ‘this is the next step in the Government's programme to transform rail services in northern England following the nationalisation of Northern Rail in March’. Mr Johnson also revealed that the rest of a £100 million transport budget will be spent on road schemes.

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  • david barry, wallasey

    not one ounce of ballast will be laid, not one inch of cable and certainly no rail but several professionals will get lunch for telling us what we already know.

  • John Gilbert, Cradley

    Another Study is simply a way of delaying something which needs doing NOW. We British are so good at kicking things into the long grass so that they don't get done!!!!! And, frankly, 10million isn't going to go very far is it!

  • Greg Tingey, London

    It doesn't need another bloody time-wasting study ...
    4-track the through platforms at Piccadilly, with as long a section as can be extended towards Oxford Road - oh and junk the latter station & build a new one.
    Yes, I know it's listed, but it's an impractical dump
    ( I remember it well )