Posted 30th June 2020 | 3 Comments

More trains will run next week as restrictions ease

TRAIN operators are increasing the number of services they run again from 6 July to accompany the latest easing of lockdown in England this weekend, and some are returning to a near-normal timetable. On Greater Anglia only Stansted Express and the London to Norwich main line service will still be reduced. However, GA said 18 trains a day would be added to and from Norwich, and the last of its ticket offices to have been closed during the pandemic will also reopen from Sunday 5 July. Govia Thameslink Railway will be providing more peak hour services, and said that trains will be longer again. East Midlands Railway will also be running more trains, but warned that passengers must still wear face coverings to comply with the law.

Reader Comments:

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  • Ryan Pannell, Surrey

    No news as to whether South Western Railway (SWR) will be increasing services next week. I'm not surprised by their lack of information, or willingness to increase services.
    [We have received a number of releases at Railnews from TOCs about their changes next week, but not yet from SWR.--Ed.]

  • John Hampson, Stockport

    No one seems to take any notice anyway. The Hope Valley line is awash with walkers and cyclists at weekends - none of them looking like key workers!

  • Chris Grwwn, Huddersfield

    More trains to run but leisure travellers still not permitted to use them. Hurry up and change that. It’s not fair and this “essential travel only” message is wearing thin anyway. Some of us have been waiting months to use a train for leisure trains. It just needs changing but not banking on it with this government. They’ve done a terrible job dealing with the crisis.