Posted 22nd May 2020 | 2 Comments

Boost for North Wales Metro plans

 A GRANT of just over £3.5 million to boost the development of North Wales Metro has been announced by the Welsh Government. The funding is part of £30 million being allocated to nearly forty local transport improvements in Wales. The Metro money, £3.531 million, will be used for 10 schemes in four council areas. Transport minister Ken Skates said the Metro support was ‘a key part of this government’s programme to provide a more integrated and efficient transport system for the region’.

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  • king arthur, buckley

    It would be nice to have at least some level of transport integration in the area. I got off a train from London at Chester just after Christmas and I discovered that the bus I needed to get home had left one minute before the train arrived at the station, and it was actually timetabled to do so (the next one wasn't for another fifty minutes). You'd be forgiven for thinking that buses stopping at the railway station were actually for rail passengers!

    It's also quite amazing how badly the Borderlands line connects with the North Wales Coast line at Shotton. The last time I checked it took nearly an hour and a half to get from Buckley to Chester, the area's nearest interchange station - hardly a viable alternative to driving or even using the bus, and all for the lack of a tweak to the timetable.

    Why transport planners struggle so badly with this rather passes understanding. If different modes aren't allowed to make simple connections like this then really what is the point?


    What North Wales actually needs is a proper all-day fast service to Crewe, not a stopping service with a change at Chester.