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Railway suppliers urged to help with coronavirus ventilators

COMPANIES in the railway supply chain are being urged to help with the manufacture of coronavirus ventilators.

The urgent appeal has come from Rail Forum Midlands, which is asking its railway industry members if they can help.

The move follows the news that the government is seeking suppliers in the engineering industry who may be able to contribute by making Covid-19 ventilators or parts for them.

Rail Forum chief executive Elaine Clark said: ‘RFM are working with colleagues in MakeUK who are compiling potential avenues of support. If you either have any current capability or manufacture ventilators for whatever purpose, or if you would be willing to help support the manufacture of additional ventilators through the supply of parts, etc., (we are waiting to understand what this might look like) then please get in touch.’

Any supply chain company with appropriate capabilities is welcome to contact the Forum, and all messages will be forwarded to Make UK, which was previously known as the Engineering Employers' Federation.

Messages should be sent to

The Forum offices in Derby have now closed, with all staff working from home.

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  • strawbrick, Northampton

    Given the that the first two cases were reported on 31st January 2020 and the nature of the epidemic that was thenclearly on the way, why is that HMG have only just realised that we need many more than 5,000 ventilators?