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6 January: news in brief

Abellio Greater Anglia profits fall sharply

PROFITS at Abellio Greater Anglia have fallen by more than 70 per cent, to £1.7 million. Officials at the Dutch company are continuing with their efforts to amend a clause in the contract which links premium payments to employment levels in central London. Abellio said: ‘We are in discussions with the DfT as the mechanism is not working as intended.’ South Western Railway is also disputing the fairness of the same clause.

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  • Brian Taylor, Stowmarket

    One might have some sympathy for Abellio (fondly known locally as Abellyup!) if they had managed to run a decent service. The main-line service has been deteriorating for many months now (short trains, EMU replacement, catering reduced, no/reduced first class plus numerous cancellations). For the passed few weeks this has been joined by the shambles of the collapsed rural services as the new Stadler trains have messed up track circuits and level crossings. Rather than show any penance, Abellio deflect blame by trying to blame "signal faults" implying it's all down to Network Rail.
    They really should join Northern on the dole queue!