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New Merseyrail strikes called by RMT

THE RMT has called a new series of 24-hour strikes on Merseyrail during nine Saturdays in November and December, after a series of  workshops failed to yield agreement over future train staffing.

The union’s general secretary Mick Cash told his members that the new action was intended to ’focus the minds of management and to guarantee a safe and secure railway’.

The walkouts are set to be staged on every Saturday in November and December. An indefinite ban on overtime and rest day working will also start on 3 November, although this ban will not apply on strike days.

Merseyrail has responded: ‘We are extremely disappointed that the recent exploratory technical workshops between the RMT, ourselves and Merseytravel have resulted in the announcement of further strike action.

‘It is especially disappointing given that there is now a guarantee of a guard on every new train with a safety critical role and that we were so close to an agreement to end this dispute.

‘Our priority now is to run the best possible service on the upcoming strike days and communicate the arrangements with our passengers as soon as possible.’

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  • Jez Milton, Manchester

    These strikes have precisely nothing to do with safety. It is about RMT trying to preserve its industrial muscle. The power to stop trains running.

    Merseyrail should go for full DOO. Sack the guards and offer them positions as public-facing staff. Checking tickets etc.

  • Ian Walker, Colwyn Bay

    If the original raft of strikes were about the safety critical role of the Train Manager/Guard on Merseyrail, and if as Merseyrail has said it had given a guarantee of a guard on every train, what the flying heck are Mr. Cash and his comrades up to here? 9 strike saturdays at the busiest time of the year approaching christmas - do these drivers/guards need so many christmas shopping days?