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10 October: news in brief

Urban transport eating ban proposed

THE outgoing chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies is calling for a ban on eating and drinking on urban public transport. It is one of a number of recommendations in her last official report, which is about reducing childhood obesity. There is no further definition of what ‘urban’ public transport is, and her words have been variously reported, with some versions suggesting that it implies a ban on all food consumption on trains, although her report does not say this. The proposed ban would apply to all passengers, and not just children.

Bombardier managing director resigns

THE managing director of Bombardier Transportation in the UK has told the company that he intends to resign ‘for personal reasons’. Phil Hufton joined Bombardier at the start of October last year after moving from Network Rail, where he had been managing director for route businesses, England and Wales. Bombardier said Matt Byrne has taken over with immediate effect, although Mr Hufton will stay for a short period to help with the handover.


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  • Melvyn Windebank, Canvey Island, Essex

    When I travel to London I buy a bacon or sausage bap with a coffee at the station shop along with many other people who opt for toast and a drink. The real problem is those who choose to eat "horse manure" (well that's how it smells,) stinking the whole carriage out.
    [I really should point out that the general reporting of this story has been very poor, implying that such a ban would affect all public transport. The report actually says 'urban' public transport.--Ed.]