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18 September: news in brief

Secret knife scanners on trial at London station

A TRIAL of secret knife scanners is underway at a National Rail station in east London. It has been revealed that the trial of the equipment, which can detect knives under clothing as much as three metres away, began on Monday at Stratford, which is a major interchange. It’s reported that the Home Office has invested £40,000 on the scheme, which is being run by British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police. Similar equipment has already been introduced on the metro in Los Angeles, and it removes the need to challenge suspects.

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  • Andrew Gwilt, Benfleet Essex

    I think having knife scanners at major railway stations including at London Bridge station. Could put a stop to knife crimes and stabbings in public places as well at railway stations and on the trains. Which I actually think it’s a great idea. Same goes with scanners at major airports and at ports to try stop criminals or gang members from entering or exiting at the airport. .