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23 August: news in brief

Further HS2 rethink reported

THE Prime Minister is considering building the northern sections of HS2 first, according to reports. He announced a wide-ranging review of the scheme on Wednesday, to be led by former HS2 chairman Douglas Oakervee and Lord Berkeley, with complete cancellation said to be an option. The Times now says that the review will also consider whether the project should be ‘reprioritised’. Mr Johnson is understood to be interested in the idea of bringing forward the later phase from Crewe to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds. At the moment, HS2 Phase 1 between London and Birmingham is intended to open first, in 2026, with Phase 2a between Birmingham and Crewe opening a year later. Phase 2b, which consists of the lines between Crewe and Manchester and between the Midlands and Yorkshire, is not currently planned to open until 2033.

Reader Comments:

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  • John Gilbert, Cradley

    The fact that costs for HS2 have risen beyond their original level is unsurprising and does not in any way mean that this vital project should be cancelled. It merely goes to show - once again - that we British are no longer able to predict costs, as witness the GWR wiring scheme. Get on with HS2 for goodness' sake: try to be UNBritish for once and dream the dream! I must admit to sympathy - uniquely as far as that gentleman is concerned - for B.Johnson's idea for building the northern two sections first; we've had enough of London sucking everything into its greedy maw!

  • Andrew Gwilt, Benfleet Essex

    HS2 should not get scrapped anyway. Don't scrap HS2!!

  • Melvyn Windebank, Canvey Island, Essex

    Apart from legislation for stage 2a extension from West Midlands to Crewe no legislation has yet been introduced into parliament for the main HS2 phase 2b which covers the north thus this plan is no credible!

    Anyway HS2 is about creating extra capacity especially at tge southern end of the WCML which has almost no spare capacity for extra trains and as work at nearby Kings Cross over August Bank holiday growing demand means we need extra capacity!

    Worth remembering legislation for HS2 under every government has gained 10/1 majorities in Parliament with just the same few votes against it !

    No HS2 =No NPR because its unviable without link to London....